You're the Hero: What Do You Want?

A Method for Self Discovery & Focus

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What's My Next Step? Why Did I Do That AGAIN? I Lose Focus Too Damn Easily...!

Been there. Hi, I'm Lorie.

When I've been at each of these crossroads, I've wished HARD for a road map that could help me feel purposeful about my path, confident about what's motivating my choices, and centered in my mindset and attention.

Here's something I've figured out that's helped me to create a road map for myself.

You can use your own life story for clarity and empowerment.

WHA...? Seriously.

Viewing yourself as the Hero of your life story can help you identify your core wants and act on them with clarity, even with the “noise” of constant mental chatter or life distractions.

I created this course to teach others about viewing our lives as the epic stories they are. Doing so helps us glean insights from a higher perspective, and guess what?

In your story, YOU are the Hero. The Main Character. Top Cat. BIG DOG.

Every story has an About Sentence, and so does yours. Because you're the Author of your story, too. I don't mean like heavy-duty writers such as Shakespeare or Tolstoy; I mean Author as in Creative Force!

In this course, I guide you to use basic story structure to look at yourself as the Hero of your story, like an Author would, to evaluate the who, what, and why of your life. When you have that gold down on paper in concise words, voila! You have an About Sentence, your own pocket-edition map to consult whenever you feel the need to be reminded of your inner wisdom and guidance.

Complete your own About Sentence and clarify Who You Are, What You Want, and Why You Want It.

"I definitely do plan to use [my About Sentence]! It will now be my map, my guide to the future, and will help me to avoid so many distractions. I already used it when something caught my eye this week that I normally would have jumped on. I stopped, thought, and realized it was not my true want and avoided the distraction. YAY!"

- Gerri G., Holistic Guide

This course is for you, if you’re keen to:

- tap your inner wisdom to get clear on what feels purposeful going forward,

- identify patterns or limiting beliefs that are undermining your vision and confidence,

- or navigate your way through the “noise” of your everyday distractions and obligations with more focus and intention.

In this 4-minute video, a student, Cornelia, shares with me what she got out of the course. I'm delighted my students have come from all over the world; Cornelia is from Romania, and she is a financial coach. She's also a mom, as you'll see in this clip!


Viewing yourself as the Hero of your life can help you identify your core wants and act on them with clarity, even with the “noise” of constant mental chatter or life distractions.

This course guides you to:

  • View and describe yourself as the Hero of your life story.
  • Identify your Fatal Flaw and work with it.
  • Identify a core, active Want as the Hero of your story.
  • Determine a core motivation for your Want.
  • Create a “cheat sheet” – your About Sentence – to stay attuned to your intention and motivation in your daily life.
  • Channel your attention to support your core wants and full potential.
    + Recognize willy-nilly attention-grabbers (“rabbit holes”) that will lead you astray.
    + Discern whether your “noisy” thoughts need further attention, or can be let go of.
    + Discern whether your distractions and obligations belong in your long-term story or not.

"My hero description instantly helped me to see the conflict between who I am and my fatal flaw. Doh! No wonder I don't have any time--I'm trying to please everyone. And I think that may also be why sometimes I don't feel respected."

- Claudia E., Instructional Designer

I am a storyteller. And so are you.

That's (the back of) me in black, on set.

I’m Lorie Marsh, a longtime media/film producer who is compulsively creative, mentally restless, and determined to be of service to others with my talents.

After two decades working with writers of all stripes, filmmakers, actors, and multimedia artists, I’ve learned a thing or two about stories. We all tell them! Any time you tell someone about your day, or about that nice lady in the grocery store line, or about your secret desire to shepherd llamas in Peru, that’s a story.

Your stories have power. I want to show you why, and how to channel that power to serve your potential.

I've taught creative entrepreneurs, mid-career and mid-life transitioners, and my brethren, distractible "multi-potentialites" how to use their own life stories to find and keep focus on their Big Pictures.

"To be very honest with you, I've taken a number of writing classes and none has been able to "get through to my why" like this one. Ultimately, even though I plan to write fiction, it IS going to be my own story that I'll be telling. And so this "about" sentence is really going to help me write about my own heroine’s journey! And it's going to be parallel to my own life and so it's been a double gift!"

- Leonarda B., Writer

Your Instructor

Lorie Marsh
Lorie Marsh

Using her 20 years of experience as an independent film producer, story editor, and "script doctor," Lorie Marsh will help you unlock your blocks, loosen your perceptions about success, and unleash you to act on inspiration without fear.

You read more about Lorie at her website:

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is designed to be self-paced, so if you select the Self-Paced enrollment, you can start as soon as you enroll and finish on your own time table. If you choose the What Your Hero Wants Package, I will be in touch with you via email to schedule our dates. Keep an eye out in your email Spam folder for an email from [email protected], and when you receive it, please hit Reply and write, "Got it!"
How much time do I need to commit?
There are four modules in the course. Past students have averaged completing a module a week. Each module contains videos to watch, text to read, and PDF worksheets to complete. Most people take around 2 hours per week, but, the time you put into each task is entirely up to you. The private Hero Wants Package unfolds over 4 weeks up to a maximum of 8 weeks (we'll confer and finalize our timeline together).
So, I'm totally on my own if I choose the Self Paced option?
You're not wholly on your own if you don't want to be. Enrollment includes an invitation to my private Facebook group. In the group, you can post and reach out to me by "tagging me" with @forwardmarsh, Mondays through Thursdays. I'll reply within 24 hours.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What tech do I need?
Apart from access to a computer with internet access and speakers - nothing! I walk you through anything you need to do step by step, so don't let the tech put you off.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are unhappy with the course, contact me within 30 calendar days of your purchase, and I will give you a full refund. If you are unhappy with One-On-One Guidance, we'll either cancel our remaining sessions and I'll refund the sessions not executed; or, if our 4 sessions have taken place, you'll have 30 calendars days to alert me, and I'll refund half of your purchase price.

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